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MUnited Promotes Club and Inclusion With Cupcakes

Jason Hauze, Staff Writer

September 8, 2019

In an attempt to promote the club and its mission, MUnited hosted a free cupcake sale in Bank’s Student Center August 28. The event took place from 12 to 2 p.m., but the cupcakes disappeared by 12:30. Students were able to pick either a chocolate or vanilla cupcake and add any kind of sprinkles. The club also gave out...

Ally Changes Name To Clear Confusion

Ally Changes Name To Clear Confusion

September 8, 2019

The university’s Ally Club changed its name for the 2019-2020 academic year. Kayli Boyes, senior...

Multicultural and Ally Join Forces

Kailene Nye, Reporter

March 21, 2019

Students in the Ally and Multicultural Clubs collaborated to host an event in celebration of Black History Month. Members ran a discussion panel on black LGBTQ+ culture Feb. 27. Kayli Boyes, junior occupational therapy major and the Communication Coordinator for Ally said this was not the first time the two clubs have...

Multiple Events Planned to Mark Women’s History Month

Daniella Amendola, Editor-in-Chief

March 21, 2019

A symposium  of faculty and students' creative works is the center of multiple events and festivities as Women’s History Month events unfold. “It is a showcase of student, staff and faculty work on women,” said Rebecca Steinberger, Professor of English, “and it’s going to give a diverse perspective. So, for example,...

R.A. Programs Offer Double Benefits

Isaac Glidewell, Reporter

February 24, 2019

Matthew Troioni,  first year occupational therapy major, said he  noticed something important about the many activities that Resident Assistants hold throughout the year. “It seemed like everyone was bonding together, strengthening their relationships while having a good time and doing something other than just sitting...

MU’s First Food Pantry Open

Kailene Nye, Reporter

February 24, 2019

McAuley’s Market, the university’s first food pantry, is open and distributing food to the campus community. Senior occupational therapy major Kristin Kuntzman originally raised the idea of a food pantry for the campus community about a year ago when she volunteered for Dinners with Kids and saw, firsthand, the issue...

Large Number of Students Seek R.A. Positions

Adam Myers, Re

February 24, 2019

Residence Life staffers are interviewing and evaluating an unusually high number of students seeking to fill a maximum of 15 Resident Assistant positions. The number of applications has more than doubled as compared to recent years, with 45 residents seeking positions, said Dominick de Matteo, Area Coordinator for Residence...

FarMU Fights Food Insecurity

Zoe Laporte, Multimedia Editor

February 24, 2019

It was the first sunny day in what felt like a year-long rain storm. The farm smelled like manure, the horses neighed quietly in the distance, and the sun shined down on a group of people. A Misericordia University student studying business administration walked across the muddy ground, surrounded by other students from Marywood...

New Ally/Multicultural Club Coordinator Plans Campus-Wide Collaboration

Kailene Nye, Reporter

February 9, 2019

Faculty and students are welcoming Linh Nguyena, who took over as the new Manager of Multicultural and Inclusion Initiatives at beginning of the spring semester. Nguyen is filling the former position of Multicultural Outreach Coordinator, which dealt primarily with advising students. The new title, however, allows her to...

Students, Faculty Strive to ‘Walk a Mile’

Kailene Nye, Reporter

December 13, 2018

Students and faculty hope to host the second annual "Walk A Mile" event next semester. The event, last held March 2011, involves men putting on high heels and walking to bring awareness to issues such as sexual assault, rape, and violence toward women. Participants are also encouraged to secure sponsors to raise money to donate...

How is Your Campus Dining Experience?

Iana Davis, Reporter

November 25, 2018

Staffers are trying to satisfy students' diverse culinary tastes in campus food selections, and they are looking for student feedback to guide improvements. “Some students are having issues with the food not being salty enough, and others are having issues with the food being too salty. What is good for one person may not...

SOAR Offers New Trips, Activities

Erin O'Brien, Reporter

November 8, 2018

The SOAR program has a new organizer and many trips planned to entice student nature-lovers. Allison Kinsey took over as Coordinator of Student Engagement in September. Her focus is on  general engagement and leading the SOAR program, which caters to those who love the outdoors and are interested in developing leadership skills. "We...

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