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Tuition and Fees to Rise

Destiny Anderson, Reporter

December 16, 2017

Students can expect to see a hike in tuition and fees in the coming school year, but these costs will help improve the university in the short and long-term, officials say. Students will see a five percent increase in undergraduate tuition, along with a three percent rise in room and board costs in fall 2018. Many colleges...

Students wonder why hallway discussions were tabled

Daniella Amendola, Print Editor

December 16, 2017

The round table on third floor of Mercy Hall, a popular student and faculty gathering spot, is gone, and students are wondering why. Shortly after Thanksgiving, students were greeted with a missing table and a sign saying that the table had been moved to Mercy 335. “I was going to a draft meeting when I first discovered that the...

The plaque that is located at the foot of the cherry tree dedicated to Sr. Paulette Berrang, RSM.

Have You Seen Your Oranges Today?

December 6, 2017

Inspiration walks on campus, preferably on warm days, wearing a hat and white sneakers. She often stops to talk to passersby and can be easily missed i...

Football: Cougars Look to Make History Next Year

Michael Diakunczak, Reporter

December 4, 2017

The football team again gave it a valiant effort but ultimately failed to make history in the fall season. Since the university began the program in  2012, the team has not won more than one game in regular season play. The record since the inaugural season has been 5-55, when all five wins have been a combination between ...

Starbucks Extends Hours

Daniella Amendola, Reporter

December 4, 2017

Students can get their coffee fix during study time: Starbucks is open later into the evening. Starbucks is now open Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Initially, the store was open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. New hours began after fall break. “We had some requests for it, so we figured we’d give it a try,...

Full Tuition Scholarship Making a Comeback

Lena Williams, Reporter

December 4, 2017

First-year students who apply and are admitted for the fall 2018 semester are eligible for a merit-based, full tuition scholarship for the first time in decades. The Sister Mary Glennon Scholarship will award six first-year students who have met rigorous academic criteria. “The Sister Mary Glennon scholarship was created to honor students...

New Accelerated Social Work Program Soon Available

Destiny Anderson, Reporter

November 20, 2017

Beginning next year, Misericordia University's long-standing social work department will offer a new accelerated degree program to earn a Bachelor's of Social Work to offer flexibility and open doors for students to earn Master's degrees. The new program began in response to feedback from students and alumni, most specifically...

FAFSA Changes Allow Students to File Earlier

Samantha Midkiff, Reporter

November 15, 2017

Students have more time to file the FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, thanks to federal law. President Obama made changes in 2016 to filing FAFSA forms. Changes include expanded application dates and the tax information that is required. The changes allow students and parents a longer time period to apply f...

Campus Communication Problem Raised at Open Discussion

Megan Oldak, Reporter

November 15, 2017

Campus communication – or the lack thereof – was a topic of discussion during an Open Discussion forum sponsored by Student Activities Oct. 25. Despite multiple channels of communication and publicity about campus events, such as Cougar Radio, MY MU Weekly, and MU alerts, the consensus among those in attendance was that thes...

Officials Stand By Sexual Assault Policy in the Face of Government Changes

Lena Williams, Reporter

November 15, 2017

Officials say they will not restructure the sexual assault and misconduct policy as a result of changes to an Obama-era sexual assault policy. Late September, Education Secretary Betsy Devos released a new federal Title IX guidance, reversing the Obama-administration’s policy of colleges using a lower standard of proof when ar...

Voices Project Carries On

Melissa Milbut, Reporter

November 3, 2017

Organizers of "The Voices Project" plan to move forward with future performances. The latest installment wrapped up last spring with "The Voices Project: Mental Health," a student and faculty-written performance about of mental health disorders with the goal of removing stigma. Psychology professor Dr. Alicia Nordstrom began "T...

New Bioethics Center Aims to Impact Medical Policy

Annette Ritzko, Editor-in-Chief

November 3, 2017

The recent "Deadly Medicine" speaker series sparked the creation of the new Center for Human Dignity in Bioethics, Medicine and Health. Dr. Stacy Gallin, the Director of the Center for Human Dignity in Bioethics, Medicine and Health, said the Center's aim is to raise awareness for the importance of the concept of human dig...

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