Who’s That Professor? Matthew Hinton!

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Matthew Hinton, Assistant Director of the Student Success Center is the second professor to be featured in The Highlander’s”Who’s that Professor?”.
“The photo of me holding the remote-controlled car happened probably a month before I tried to get my bicycle out of the garage. Instead of getting the bicycle out of the regular door, because there was a threshold and I was too lazy to go over it, also I was weak, I stood on the seat of my bicycle to press the button for the big garage door, and just hung out waiting for the garage doors to open. However, my fingers were in the track of the garage door and the garage door ran over my ring finger, and I have five or six stitches from that,” said Matt Hinton.

“When I was a toddler in Arizona, my father was washing an orangey-red Nova and I remember the water hitting the hood and then sprinkling me in the face and it stunned me a little bit, and I sort of reeled back, because I was just learning to walk, and I sat down right into a cactus. Something like fifty-six nettles went through my diaper and into my butt. And the nearest hospital was an hour away, so they couldn’t take me to the hospital for immediate attention. Instead they removed the diaper and took out every one of the needles by hand. My parents told me I didn’t cry at all; it was the weirdest thing. Most of my childhood stories involve some weird injury or life-threatening moment” said Matt Hinton.

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