Who’s that Professor? Dr. Fetzer!

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For this issue of The Highlander’s “Who’s that Professor?”, we spoke to Dr. Fetzer of the History department.

“This past Easter I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with my nephew and he was out in the living room playing with toy trucks and tractors and animals and a lot of them are my brother’s and my toys from that era, so seeing him playing with those things was very joyful in a sense that I got to see him playing with the exact same toys like matchbox trucks and little John Deer Tractors and little zoo animals and the fact that they are still enjoyable to play with I thought was so cool, so refreshing that not only technology but little objects can still capture a child’s attention.​,” said Dr. Fetzer.

Tune into The Highlander’s next issue for another round of “Who’s that Professor?”!